#UltraBaby says ‘Pick a side: Hero v Robot’ #EURemain #Referendum #Vote #VoteIn

On 23 June choose your side. Remain or Leave – it’s a simple choice that’s been made very murky. So let me boil it down for you into a simpler choice and a short video;

1. Be a Hero and save the UK from itself or 2. be a Robot and follow the thoughts of the BorisBot. 

UltraBaby chooses to be a hero and remain in Europe. She wants, and I want for her,  a place of hope, cultural and economic prosperity and a country that takes its position and responsibility as a true European nation seriously.

But she can’t do this alone, she needs your help and hopes you’ll join her in choosing the future that offers cultural opportunity and economic growth rather than choosing the option to become mindless slaves to the overlord BorisBot.

Come on people of Britain, prove to me and UltraBaby that you’re all heroes, I have faith in you. Dust off your capes and masks and Vote Remain on Thursday!


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